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May 6th:  Disillusioned:  Christians Are Anti-Gay

May 13th:  The Worst Mother in the Bible

May 20th:  Unstoppable Force:  Confirmation/Pentecost Sunday

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What’s God Want?

What’s God Want?  So, I’ve been thinking.   In the whole eternal scheme of things, I think all God really wants is you.  In all the vastness of creation, all God wants is me, Robert from Marshfield, Missouri.   You don’t have to try to be someone else or to be like other people because God needs you to be you.  That’s…

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This past weekend was St. Patrick’s Day.  With the coming of this day, some think of three-leafed clovers, leprechauns dancing, or people wearing green. But I think it’s good to remember there was a real guy named Patrick in the 5th century.  And guess what?  He wasn’t even from Ireland.  He lived in what is today Scotland.  When he was 16, pirate invaders from Ireland came…

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