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Blue Hair??


If you were at Marshfield UMC this past weekend you might have been wondering if I had lost my mind.  Yes, that is me in the blue hair.  Why did I come to worship with blue hair?  Well, I haven’t lost my mind, but you all have blown my mind by your extravagant generosity.  Several weeks ago, I promised I would come to worship with blue hair if you all collected 500 items for the Christian based Choices Pregnancy Center in Marshfield, and low and behold you collected 522 items. So, to celebrate the achievement, on Sunday I stood before the congregation with my blue hair wondering for a moment why I had made that promise and thinking that maybe I had really lost my mind, but it was for a good cause-a cause worth celebrating. And as Jesus once said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive,” and it sure was a great feeling to be such a big blessing to this wonderful ministry in our community.

Funny thing though, after I got home on Sunday I looked in the mirror and noticed that my blue hair spray was dripping all down the side of my face and on my ears.  I was a mess.  Which reminds me, life can be messy sometimes.  This time of year can be messy.  Probably to one degree or another we are all facing a ChristMESS, but there is hope for all of us, and so I invite you to join us on Sundays as we explore this hope in our message series, Finding God In Your ChristMESS.

Joy and Peace,