By Another Way?

Hello Church Family,

Happy New Year!  As we begin this new year, I give God thanks for you and the opportunity to serve as your pastor in 2017. 

This year begins, as every year does, with the tradition of remembering the story of the magi following the star and coming to worship the child Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  The story ends with the magi preparing to go back home, but since they had been warned in a dream to avoid King Herod they “went back by another way.”

With the coming of Jesus, we are sent back into our world by another way.  In fact, I believe you and I are called to enter into this new year “by another way.”  It’s the way of Jesus.  Jesus’ way was one of complete devotion to God and doing God’s will.  It was the way of sacrificial love and forgiveness.  It was the way of reaching out to the least, the lost, and the lonely. 

So, how is God calling you to enter into this near year “by another way?”  Is there something you can add to your life that will draw you closer to God?  Maybe there is something, like the magi, that you need to avoid.  Is there someone you need to reach out to with the love of God?  What can you intentionally do that will enable you to be more open to God’s call on your life and more in love with Jesus by the end of this year?

I pray that we would all prayerfully consider how we might come into this near year “by another way.”  The way that Jesus has showed us.  The way in which we find him walking with us.

God’s Joy and Peace,