Awkward Family Photo

Journey Towards Forgiveness

February. The month of love, chocolate hearts, and sappy Valentine cards. It’s a time where we express our heartfelt love and devotion to the ones we love. But let’s get real. I think the awkward family photo tells it like it is. It reminds us that none of us are perfect people, but we are all to a certain extent “awkward people” who at times do awkward things and sometimes in our awkwardness and brokenness we hurt the ones we love. So, the only way to move forward in our relationships and to really love is to choose the journey toward forgiveness. It’s a journey we will be going on together starting February 12th as we delve into this issue that all of us wrestle with: Forgiveness. We will also be having a small group discussion on Sundays that will help us go deeper into this topic. As a fellow “awkward person” I look forward to being on this journey toward forgiveness with you.

Pastor Robert