Crazy Eight Sign

It’s Crazy

Have you ever noticed that you can find a bunch of things online that are crazy?  I mean crazy like bizarre.  For example, did you hear about the sheep in China that gave birth to a dog?  That’s crazy.

If you think about it, Jesus said so many things that sound crazy at first.   According to Jesus, the blessed life comes when we are “poor” and “meek.”  Fulfillment is found in the saddest and hardest of times.  Those are just a few of the eight crazy ways we find the blessed life in Jesus’ beatitudes.  Last Sunday we kicked off our look at Jesus’ sayings with a new message series called “Crazy Eights,” and to highlight the fact that what Jesus says in the beatitudes seem “upside down” we got a little crazy and turned our worship services “upside down.”     

Speaking of crazy and different, each Sunday we are going to have a bulletin insert that will have experiments for us to try in living out one of Jesus’ beatitudes each week.  You can pick one of the experiments and try it yourself, or do it with your family, or maybe your Sunday School class or small group will want to do an experiment together each week and then talk about how it went the following week.

Anyway, I look forward to getting a little “crazy” with you as we celebrate Jesus and strive to live out his words.

Following Christ with you,