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212 Transformation

What picture or image do you have of what God wants to do in and through our congregation?  The picture or vision I believe God is giving us goes something like this:  You know, at 100°, water is hot.  At 212°, it boils.  Hot water is nice and all, but boiling water transforms.  At 212° everything changes.  The water is transformed, and not just the water but everything that it comes into contact with.   At 212° a cold bowl of soup is transformed into food for the hungry.  At 212° dirty water is transformed into clean water for the thirsty.  At 212° water is transformed into steam which can actually power a locomotive.  So, through prayer and input from our congregation, I really believe God is calling us to turn the heat up on our faith and witness and begin a new vision for our future, and so our vision statement is this:

  212° Transformation:  People.  Community.  World. 

In other words, at the Marshfield United Methodist Church we will be about:

Transforming People:  By connecting people to Christ through a discipleship pathway and opportunities to worship, pray, study, and serve.

Transforming Our Community:  By inviting people to connect with Christ and proclaiming the good news of His Kingdom through our words and actions.

Transforming Our World: By engaging in acts of compassion and justice that brings Christ’s hope and healing to the world in which He loves.

I believe the 212° Transformation that God is calling us to is found when we turn up the heat and take steps as God’s people to further our own connection to Christ, and it’s that connection to Christ that brings about life transformation.  It’s our own connection to Christ that empowers us and compels us to go out into the community and world with the love of Christ and work to fulfill the mission God has given us “to make new disciples.” 

So, can you envision the future of the Marshfield UMC where this kind of 212° Transformation is happening?  I mean can you envision our church as a place and a people where we are open to the Spirit of God powerfully moving in our lives, and we’re hearing and celebrating the stories of people’s lives being transformed?  Can you envision the future where more and more are coming to the transforming waters of baptism as people come to a relationship with Christ?  Can you see this as a place where future pastors are being groomed?  Can you see this as a place where we are all turning up the heat in our relationship with God and living out our baptismal identities as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

I see this.  I believe that this is the future vision God is calling us to live into, and I got to tell you, I am so thankful to be your pastor.  I am thankful for all that you do for Christ and His mission. I am thankful that we can be on this journey of transformation together.

Giving God thanks for you,