Before Amen BIG

Before Amen

In the Winter Session of our 212 Small Groups, we are focusing on prayer and the book called Before Amen by Max Lucado.    I think it’s really important that we as a church focus on prayer and grow in our prayer lives.  Matter of fact, it’s been said that we can perhaps gauge the depth of our faith by the determination with which we commit ourselves to prayer.   John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, put it this way:  prayer is the grand means God uses to transform us.

Did you hear the T word in there?  Transformation.  Isn’t that what our vision for our future is all about?  We picture it like this.  At 100° water is hot.  At 212°, it boils.  Hot water is nice, but boiling water transforms.  At 212° everything changes.  The water is transformed, and not just the water but everything that it comes into contact with.  That kind of 212° transformation can do a world of good like make a meal possible to feed the hungry.

You see, when we, as God’s people, turn up the heat in our spiritual lives and connect more and more to Christ through prayer, worship, study, and service, we are being transformed to become more like the Savior we serve.  As we serve in the community, and we invite people to connect with Christ through our words and actions, we become a part of Christ’s plan to transform our community.  And when we as a community of faith, engage in acts of compassion and justice that brings hope and healing beyond our community, we become a part of the transformation of the world.  Our very lives become spiritual food for a hungry world.

So, “212° Transformation:  People.  Community.  World.”  That’s our vision, and I’m so thankful to be a part of this church as we connect more and more to Christ and move toward our future vision.

Thank you for all that you do for Christ and the vision he has given us!