How is God calling me to unleash love?

So, the other day I was sitting on my deck, and a guy was walking his dog up the sidewalk that’s between our house and the church.  He’s dog was on a leash, but then he stopped, and I heard him say to his dog, “do you want to go for a run?”  Immediately, the dog started jumping up and down as if to say, “ yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s run, let’s run!”  So then he unclips the leash, and that dog takes off a hundred miles an hour up the sidewalk, and pretty soon he comes flying back to his owner with his ears flopping, and it almost looked like that dog had a huge smile on his face.  I mean you could tell that dog was so excited and having fun.  He had been unleashed!  


You know, I think that is what your life and my life is supposed to look like.  Unfortunately, some people who say that God has set them free, that God is such a big part of their lives, live these tame, timid, held back, tied down lives because their life mission is too small.  But when our life mission gets caught up in God’s big mission of unleashing love that can be exciting and fun.


I hope over the next several weeks as we focus on unleashing God’s love we will feel the hand of Jesus on our neck working that collar free so we can run like we were meant to run. I hope we will be unleashed from whatever holds us back so we can then unleash more of God’s love to a world that desperately needs it.


So, here is the question I invite us all to prayerfully consider:  How is God calling me to unleash love?  In this season of your life, how is God calling you to unleash His love here, there, and everywhere?


As a church, this month we will be unleashing love in our neighborhood by sponsoring a Neighborhood Block Party.  This Block Party will be a great opportunity to unite together as a church and to bless and get to know our neighbors.  I hope you will be able to come to the party which will be on Sunday, May 19th from 3-5p.m. at the ARK building.  Also, at the end of this month we will be sending the 17 members of our Puerto Rico mission team to Vieques, Puerto Rico to unleash more of God’s love there.


So, let’s be praying about and looking for opportunities each day to unleash God’s love.  May we, like some unleashed dogs, go out and unleash His love here, there, and everywhere!


Serving Christ with you,