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Holy Moments

Hello Church Family,

Jewish scholars used to debate why God revealed Himself to Moses in the middle of nowhere-a burning bush on the back side of the desert.  The conclusion was that God wanted to show “that no place on earth, not even a thorn bush, is devoid of the Presence.”  In other words, you are standing on holy ground.  Holy ground is right here, right now.  It’s wherever God is, and God is everywhere.  Every moment is a holy moment!

As we think back over the last month, I recall many holy moments at MUMC.  These holy moments range from celebrating the life of a dear saint of the church, Barbara Vestal, to welcoming new saints into the life of the church.  There were holy moments as we gathered around the table for Holy Communion and received spiritual food for our souls and then later put on a block party and served physical food for our bodies to feed and bless our neighbors.  We must have been standing on holy ground as we celebrated our senior graduates and blessed them as they embark on a new journey in life, and it must have been holy ground as we sent off 17 of our people on a journey to do mission work in Puerto Rico.

But how about you?  What holy moments did you see?  You see, you never know how or when or where God might show up, but we can live in holy anticipation, knowing that God can invade the reality of your life at any given moment. So, let’s live in holy anticipation.

Serving Christ with you,