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God’s Love in Action

Hello Church Family,

“By our works we also make Jesus present in our world of today.”  “God keeps on loving the world through each one of us.”  “You are God’s good news; you are God’s love in action.”  These are a few quotes from Mother Teresa.  These are also things I see in you!  Whether it was going on or supporting our mission trip to Puerto Rico, helping with Vacation Bible School, or lending a hand or a listening ear to those who are struggling or grieving, I see God loving the world through you!  You make Jesus present in our world today!


Now, as we look into the month of July, we have other opportunities to help make Jesus present in our world today.  On July 7th , for instance, we’re going to do a neighborhood clean-up and give out invitations to our next Block Party which will be July 14th 3-5p.m.  This Block Party will be a great way to get to know our neighbors better and to identify the needs around us.


In all that we do,  Mother Teresa reminds us, “the work is the fruit of prayer.”  Let us continue to pray for our church.  Let’ us pray that God’s Spirit would break through and give us new passion, new hopes, and new dreams.  Let’s pray that each of us would be empowered with the contagious joyous message of Jesus.  May we pray that God would use each of us to reach and make new disciples for Jesus Christ, and that our very lives would be “God’s love in action.”


Serving Christ with you,