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Let’s keep praying! 

So, I’m a little slow sometimes.  I was thinking about our small groups and the 60+ people last school year who participated in these various groups and grew as disciples of Jesus (they will be starting up again in September!).   I was thinking about our Block Parties (over 200 people attended the first one and 130 the second) where we were able to come together as a church and embody the love and joy of God to our neighbors and start to get to know them and their needs.  I was thinking about the 17 of us adults who went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico this summer and how our church came together to support us in our efforts, and it finally dawned on me why these wonderful things, some of them we have never done before, are happening.  It’s prayer.  Duh!

Remember last Fall how we all prayed together “Breakthrough Prayers” in worship and then I gave you a card with these prayers on them to pray?  I think we are seeing

the beginning fruit of these prayers.  So, let’s keep praying!  Just to remind you, here are the 3 Breakthrough Prayers:

1.  Please pray daily for the Holy Spirit’s breakthrough to renew and revive Marshfield UMC with new passion, new hopes, and new dreams.

2. Please pray daily that every individual attending Marshfield UMC to be empowered with the contagious, joyous message of Jesus.

3. Please pray daily for the Spirit to transform and use me boldly, without limits, to reach and make new disciples of Jesus Christ and to show His love everywhere.

Praying for you and giving God thanks for you,