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Small Groups

Are you thinking about joining a small group this month?  Even if it may be out of your comfort zone, I hope you will prayerfully consider doing so.

Last year I had some people tell me that they really grew in their faith because of being involved in a small group.  One person told me that he started praying for the first time because of his involvement.

It has been said that “life change happens best in small groups.”  I think that just might be the case. We all need a space where we can grow together with others not merely in age but grow in our grateful obedience to God’s love.

This call to become active in small groups is nothing new, of course.  Jesus formed small groups.  His 12 disciples were one such group.  Jesus, obviously, believed that small groups were important for spiritual growth and mission.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, did as well.  Matter of fact, the United Methodist Church is the only major denomination that was born out of a small group movement.

Small groups help us pay attention to God in our lives, draws us together as sisters and brothers in Christ, and prompts us to more deeply care and love one another.

So, again I ask you, are you thinking about joining a small group this month?

Joy and Peace,