Advent SQ


Can you believe Advent is almost here?  It doesn’t seem possible, but ready or not we are forced to deal with the fact that it is upon us.  I mean what happened to the Fall anyway?  Labor Day wasn’t that long ago, was it?  Sometimes the coming of this time of year seems rather abrupt to me, kind of intrusive.   Which, I think, is exactly what Jesus and his coming among us is like.

Jesus is intrusive.  Unexpected.  He bursts onto the scene ready or not, and each of us has to deal with him, one way or another.

The prophets said he was coming.  The world ached in longing for his arrival.  We desperately needed a savior to rescue us.  But when he showed up, he was largely unwelcome.   “His own received him not.”

And that’s often how it is today.  No matter how much we long for Jesus to show up and help, hearts are often closed and resistant to him.  “Who is this intruder who wants to barge in here and change things for me and call me to something different?”

So, Advent is our wake up call.  It shouts to us-Hey!  It’s time to get ready for Jesus!  Ready or not, here he comes-no, look-he’s already HERE!  What are you going to do with Him?

Advent intrudes into our late Fall routines and abruptly asks, “Are you ready for Jesus?”  In a time of year when everyone and everything pushes us to consume and rush and spend ourselves completely, Advent says, “Slow down.  Be quiet.  Listen.”

Advent reminds us that if Jesus is going to be in our lives, we will have to invite, welcome, and make room for him.

So, in these weeks leading up to Christmas, that season Christians call “Advent,” let me encourage all of us to be on the lookout for Jesus.  Look hard for Jesus.  He’s coming.

Our world desperately needs him, but many aren’t eager to receive him.

Will you be different?

Serving Jesus with you,