Happynewyear SQ

Happy New Year

During Advent, I encouraged us to read through the Gospel of Luke.  One of the things I noticed this time in reading is that right after Luke’s version of the Christmas story we find the story of the boy Jesus at the temple.  If you remember the story, it ends with Mary and Joseph losing sight of Jesus.  They actually left him behind in Jerusalem!   So, we go from the joyous celebration of receiving the gift of Jesus to oops we lost him!

Now that all our joyous Christmas celebrations are over, and we enter a new year and a new decade, I think this can be a potential risk for us too.  Of course, Jesus never leaves us, but we can easily lose sight of him as we go on with our busy lives.

One of my favorite spiritual writers, Henri Nouwen, was once asked how he envisioned living his life in the next decade. His swift answer was, “In deep communion with Jesus.  Jesus has to be and to become evermore the center of my life.”

My hope and prayer for us as we enter a new year and a new decade is that we won’t lose sight of Jesus.  I hope we won’t leave him behind now that all our Christmas celebrations are over, but rather may Jesus be and become evermore the center of our lives.

Happy New Year!