Large Antique Industrial Factory Wall Clock

The Clock Still Runs

The Clock Still Runs

In our fellowship hall by the Library doors hangs a clock.  It looks like an ordinary clock, but it’s a clock with a story.  This clock was found in the wreckage of our building after the tornado hit our town on April 18, 1880.  This deadly tornado killed more than 90 people in our community and injured many others.  One of the dead was our pastor, Rev. E.E. Condo.

Despite all the devastation and loss, this clock, hanging on one of the few remaining walls in our church building, was still running.   It was running during a difficult time in the life of our church when there was no building left to go to and no pastor.

Throughout all these years, this same clock still runs.  I think it still runs as a reminder to us in our time that the church is not a building.  The church of Jesus Christ is a people.  The church is a people who proclaim “Jesus is Lord” and who continue His work and ministry in the world.

I think this clock still runs as a reminder to us that we will all go through difficult times.  But through all times, God is with us just like He was with our people back in 1880.  Even in times when our world is turned upside down and nothing is normal, God is with us. We are His people. We are His Church for such a time as this!