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Three Simple Rules

I have been thinking about John Wesley’s “Three Simple Rules” lately.  Do you know what they are?  As Methodists, the founder of our movement gave us just three simple rules to live by. He boiled down the teachings of Jesus to three things:  Do No Harm.  Do Good. Stay in Love with God.  That’s it!  Just three rules.  But I don’t know about you, but these are difficult rules to live out in our daily lives.  With God’s help though, I think we can try.  And I think now more than ever we need God’s help in striving to live out these simple but difficult rules.

The first rule is: Do No Harm.  This means in part we are called to protect those who are the most vulnerable, including the elderly, the very young, and those with underlying health conditions.  With that in mind and in consultation with the Webster County Health Department and Missouri UMC Conference leaders, we will be making decisions on when and how to open back up for worship when our church council meets again on May 14th.  This means we will not be meeting for in person worship before that time.  We will keep you posted on plans after that date.    

The second rule is: Do Good. Our faith also requires us to seek the good of all which during this pandemic has meant keeping our distance from each other.   It seems counter intuitive, but the most loving thing for us to do was to stay away from each other!  That , however, didn’t stop us from doing good in our community.  This doing good is being demonstrated, for instance, as our church volunteers continue to sack and deliver 3 meals a day Monday-Friday to 100 kids in our community.  It is happening  as a 110 of our closest neighbors receive handwritten cards from our church with $5 gift cards to Price Cutter.  Thanks to you, Wesley’s second rule is happening all over the place!

The third rule is: Stay in Love with God.  Would you say you are more in love with God now than you were a year ago?  Five years ago?  I don’t know, maybe this time is an invitation for us to renew our love for God.  I mean think about this . . .What if when we come back together as a church we were stronger than ever before?  What if we as the church were more in love with Jesus?  More ready to serve him and follow him?  What if when we come back together again, YOU came back more in love with Jesus?  What if YOU came back more refreshed and renewed and ready to follow and serve Jesus?  What if when we come back together again, YOU came back stronger?

Looking forward to coming back together again stronger than ever!